About Us

The dire need to promote peace and human rights in our world necessitates the formation of the Carlsron Initiative for Peace and Human Rights (CIPEHR). The international organizations which are saddled with the responsibilities of promoting peace and human rights cannot solely achieve these without the contributions of related NGOs. Hence the promotion of peace and human rights championed by international organizations is increasingly being complemented by the efforts of NGOs through a broad conception of interweaving social, political and economic relations all at grassroots, national and international levels.

It is in the realization of this that CIPEHR was formed to primarily promote peace and human rights through education, awareness and peaceful advocacy so as to bridge the gap and provide avenue for the flow of information at all levels and in so doing providing an effective platform for the realization of the organization’s primary goals which invariably are part of the United Nations objectives.

Wole Babajide
Executive Chairman


The mission of “CIPEHR” is to promote general peace and fundamen­tal human rights worldwide.

The vision of “CIPEHR” is to attain a ‘PERFECT’ world where general peace and human dignity reign SUPREME.


  • To promote peace and human rights.
  • To educate youths on issues related to peace and conflict resolution and thereby developing friendly relations among families, groups and societies based on respect for the principle of equal rights.
  • To promote global peace through respect for sovereign equality of nations and condemn the use of force in their mutual relationship.
  • To promote human dignity, social justice, democratic principles and solidarity, ensure tolerance, non-violence, pluralism and non-discrimination with full respect for diversity within and among the societies.
  • To suggest immediate measures for institution building that enhances peace, human survival, social justice and development.
  • To raise funds and receive contributions where appropriate to finance the main objectives of the organization.
  • To use sports, community recreation, entertainments, education and other play facilities as tools for promoting these goals.
  • To organize, promote, attend and participate in local and international meetings, seminars, training programs, courses and events relating to the goals of the organization.
  • To work with similar organizations and exchange information and advice on topical related issues.
  • To create employment and volunteer opportunities in sustainable development for the people who believe in the course of the organization.